Your guide to buying anniversary jewelry gifts

Did you know that each anniversary is represented by a specific gemstone or jewelry metal? You might already have heard of the big ones, such as diamond after ten years of marriage, and silver after 25 years. Each year is worth celebrating for you staying together and continue loving one another! We have made a guide for you to make anniversary jewelry gift shopping easy.

Wearing it close to your heart

First of all, you want to consider which type of jewelry you want to get. Perhaps you both want to exchange gifts? Or the gift is just for her? A popular choice of gift for the wife is either a ring or a necklace. A heart-shaped necklace, such as our Silver Heart Necklace, is a really loving gesture since it’s also worn close to the heart. You can follow our guide below in which gemstone to pick for which year, or you could simply decide yourselves what you think symbolize your love the best!   

Yes, you can buy affordable anniversary gifts

You don’t have to spend your entire salary for an anniversary gift. There are several beautiful and affordable choices that still hold high-quality. The most important thing is that the gift comes from your heart and symbolizes your love in you and your partner’s own, special way.

A guide to Anniversary jewelry and gemstones – year by year

Here’s your complete list to the traditional gemstone and jewelry for each year that has passed since your wedding day. Follow the list, or go with your heart, it’s your choice when it comes to gifting. Either way, your loved one will surely appreciate the romantic, beautiful gift.

1st Gold

2nd Garnet

3rd Pearls

4th Blue Topaz

5th Sapphire

6th Amethyst

7th Onyx

8th Tourmaline

9th Lapis Lazuli

10th Diamond jewelry

11th Turquoise

12th Jade

13th Citrine

14th Opal

15th Ruby

16th Peridot

17th Watches

18th Cat’s Eye

19th Aquamarine

20th Emerald

21st Iolite

22nd Spinel

23rd Imperial Topaz

24th Tanzanite

25th Silver jubilee

30th Pearl jubilee

35th Emerald

40th Ruby

45th Sapphire

50th Golden jubilee

55th Alexandrite

60th Diamond

70th Platinum jubilee

75th Sapphire

80th Ruby

More jewelry ideas to celebrate your love

Perhaps you’re not married yet and still want to celebrate your anniversary since officially becoming a couple. Every year is worth celebrating – because isn’t love the most important thing we have? You can express your feelings by gifting something classic and timeless that can’t go wrong. For him, a bracelet is a great choice. But depending on your partner, a ring could be another alternative, or a simple chain, you know each other best after all. The possibility of jewelry gifts for her are almost endless and you should pick what you think your girlfriend will like the most. Is she type of person that enjoy wearing a nice necklace, or does she prefer a ring, or perhaps a pair of pretty earrings?

Be ready for your next anniversary – shop your jewelry gift today!

Surprise your partner with a gift that shows how much you love them. Life is short, and while we’re here we should do everything we can to make the people we love feel special. You can find affordable, high-quality jewelry in our webshop, that will make a wonderful romantic gift.


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